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Regional Anti-Doping Organization Board

 Terms of Reference


 The following Terms of Reference have been compiled for use by South Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) Board to provide a general overview and to assist its members in their work. 


Information includes:


  1. Purpose 
  1. Objective and key activities 
  1. Chairperson 
  1. Reporting structure 
  1. Composition of the RADO Advisory Board
  1. Appointment and assignments of terms 
  1. Voting Rights



To provide voluntary expert advise to the South Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization with respect to approving yearly budgets and strategic plans as well as promoting the objectives of the RADO.


Objectives Key Activities

  1. Promote the RADO’s vision of doping free sport and its mission among fellow organizations within the Olympic Movement and amongst governments in South Asia.
  2. Approve yearly strategic plans and operational plans developed by the RADO Management.
  3. Review and evaluate the RADO management activities on an ongoing basis.
  4. Develop long term strategies for the RADO. 
  5. Seek to maintain and improve the financial status of the RADO.
  6. Approve yearly budget set forth by the RADO Management.
  7. Ensure that adequate financial control systems and accounting procedures are in place and maintained.
  8. To assist in the development and long term sustainability of South Asia National Anti-Doping Organizations.



The Chairperson plays a critical role on the RADO Board, leading both assemblies in their supervision of the activities of the RADO and its oversight of the administration. The Chairman works with senior management in promoting effective relations and upholding a positive image with all stakeholders and within the public community.

The Chairperson shall report outcomes of decisions made by the RADO Board to the RADO Management.


Composition of the RADO Board

The RADO Board is made up of five (5) members; each member on the RADO Board shall be designated representing the interest of the Sporting Movement and Governments.  One Chairperson will be designated from the Board 


A country will not have more than one member per country represented on the RADO Board.  The members of the RADO Board will be representatives from the following South Asia Countries:


  • Bangladesh One (1) member
  • Bhutan One (1) member
  • Maldives One (1) member
  • Nepal One (1) member
  • Sri Lanka One (1) member


The Director General shall be in attendance at the RADO Board meetings but will not carry a vote.


Appointments and assignment of terms



In each individual country the Government and National Olympic Committee are responsible for appointing one representative to the RADO Board.  The representative shall have the endorsement of the Government and the National Olympic Committee in their respective countries.

Conditions for countries to hold a seat on the RADO Board include:

  1. Acceptance and Compliance of the World Anti-Doping Code by the National Olympic Committee and National Anti-Doping Organization.
  2. Signing of the Copenhagen
  3. Ratification of the UNESCO Convention.
  4. Paid dues to WADA
  5. Support provided to the RADO.


Each member of the RADO Board term shall be four (4) years. Such a term can be extended for additional terms as long as the Board member maintains the endorsement from both the National Olympic Committee (sport movement) and Government. 

Should the board member voluntarily resign during his/her term the National Olympic Committee and Government reserve the right to nominate a new member to the Board for the remainder of the term. 

The Chair of the Board shall be a standing member of the RADO Board and will be nominated by the Board on a rotational basis. A chair cannot serve a second term until the rotation is complete. 

The Chair of the RADO Board term shall be four (4) years



Each country on the RADO Board shall have one vote in which a simple majority will be required to pass a motion.



The RADO Board shall meet at least once annually.