Bhutan held Anti-Doping Seminar for Sports Executives

Dec 2, 2016

The Bhutan Anti-Doping Committee of the Bhutan Olympic Committee organized National Seminar for the executives of the National Sport Federations and Associations on 2nd December 2016 at Hotel Namgay Heritage for three hours starting at 4:00pm.

The seminar was mainly organized to inform the executives on the background of anti-doping program, objectives, latest changes and developments. It was also to propose strategies of how sport in Bhutan should and can be kept free from dope.

The session were facilitated by Mr . Nima Gyeltshen and Ms. Tshering Om of the BADC. A total of 43 participants from 15 federations and associations attended the seminar. The seminar concluded with some proposals  of how federations and associations could effectively contribute in keeping sports clean in particularly protecting health of athletes, ensure level playing field and uphold the integrity of sports.Anti- doping handouts, posters, pamphlets were also circulated to participants.

The seminar  concluded with official dinner.the participants expressed their appreciation and thanked the BADC/BOC for the organization of the seminar.

Source Bhutan Anti-Doping Committee