Russian Olympic Committee President attacks "pure nonsense" of TUE system among suggestions for WADA reforms

Nov 12, 2016

Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) President Alexander Zhukov has called for wholesale changes to the system for Therepeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) during a meeting to discuss World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) reforms here today. 

This included a call for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to spearhead an "expert panel" that award all TUEs.

Zhukov was addressing a group of Olympic Movement representatives, including WADA Executive Committee members U─čur Erdener, Gian-Franco Kasper, Francesco Ricci Bitti and Tony Estanguet.

It was billed as an opportunity for him to give his impressions on the reforms currently taking place ahead of the WADA meetings in Glasgow on November 19 and 20, an IOC spokesperson confirmed, as well as to explain the latest situation in Russia.

Zhukov, also an IOC member and head of the Coordination Commission for Beijing 2022, admitted that they do face "issues" with doping and that the "numerous allegations mentioned in McLaren Report require unbiased investigation".

But he spent the vast majority of his 2,280 word speech criticising WADA, both for the way it has handled its investigation into Russian doping problems this year, as well as for wider governance and structural issues.


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